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A business model based on
profitability and supported by
a lean and dynamic structure

1Q24 Earnings Release

Housing Projects


Business Segments

  • In this business segment, we are focused on the development and commercialization of housing projects with price ranges exceeding MXN 5 million (The selling process of the first residential housing prototypes kicked-off during 2017 in Quintana Roo).

    Our product portfolio in this segment stands out from our competitors' offerings due to its original concept and premium amenities.

  • The average prices of housing prototypes in this business segment range from MXN 2.5 million to MXN 5 million. The segment is focused on meeting the needs of buyers seeking to acquire houses with higher value, usually leveraging on commercial banking.

  • In this business segment, we are focused on the development and commercialization of housing projects with prices ranging from MXN 1 million to MXN 2.5 million, seeking to attend first or second time home buyers, whose resources are generally financed by traditional banks.

    Since 2007, CADU has actively participated in this segment, successfully completing a number of housing projects in the states of Quintana Roo and Jalisco, and always enjoying a good level of acceptance in its target market.

  • In this business segment, we focus on housing projects with a price lower than to MXN 1 million, aimed at salaried workers who are buying their first home. Our projects pursue to promote integral and sustainable urban development in Mexico through an orderly growth, with optimum standards in:

    • Location
    • Densification
    • Equipment
    • Sustainability
LTM Consolidated Revenue:
4,305 Million
709 Million
LTM Net Income:
295 Million
Net Debt / LTM EBITDA:

Figures in MXN at March 31, 2024

Investment Rationale


    Our key executives have a wide experience in the industry and the Company


    We cover most of the development process, from land acquisition to home commercialization


    Recovery of bank mortgage loans and government incentives aimed at promoting the acquisition of higher quality housing


    Lean and adaptable structure to developments for different segments (Affordable entry-level, Middle-Income, Middle-Income Residential and Residential)


    Cutting-edge planning, and monitoring procedures, as well as generation of key information for decision making


    We have strong economies of scale and scope in markets with high potential demand