Board of Directors

CADU’s Board of Directors is comprised of 11 members which meet at least four times a year.

50% of Directors are independent, thus exceeding both the 25% established by the Securities Market Law and 25% recommended in the Code of Best Corporate Practices.

Given that all Directors attend to each and every meeting held, the Board does not have any Alternate Members.

The primarily functions of the Board of Directors are:

(i) define the strategic vision of the Company;
(ii) monitor the performance of CADU and its subsidiaries;
(iii) ensure that all shareholders have equal treatment and protect their best interests;
(iv) to encourage the Company’s social responsibility; and,
(v) safeguard the Company’s equity (including each and everyone of the subsidiaries consolidated in the CADU’s financial statements).

The Board of Directors is currently composed by:

Pedro Vaca Elguero Chairman Patrimonial Member CADU's Chairman and CEO since 2001. Besides, he currently serves as Director of Banco Actinver and Regional Director of both BBVA Bancomer and CitiBanamex. He graduated in Law and has performed at business organization such as Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (Mexican Business Coordinating Council), Mexico’s National Chamber of Industry and National Chamber of Construction 2009
Pablo Vaca Elguero Director Patrimonial Member General Manager of Construction Companies at Grupo CADU. Also, he has served at a number of senior management positions at different companies 2009
Joaquin Vaca Elguero Director Patrimonial Member General Manager of CADU at the state of Jalisco. He held several senior management positions at different companies between 1995 and 2001, outstanding Equity Markets Director at Deustche Bank Jalisco 2009
Luis Vaca Elguero Director Patrimonial Member He served as General Manager of CADURMA in Playa del Carmen and Rivera Maya, as well as Construction Manager of CADU Guadalajara. He has held many senior management positions in several companies during past 50 years 2009
Mauricio Torres Pimienta Director Patrimonial Member Mr. Torres Pimienta has collaborated with CADU's finance team since 2019 and has extensive experience in the banking and real estate sectors. 2023
Marta Vaca Viana Director Independent Member Mrs. Marta has been Manager of Delphi Consulting & Advisory Firm for 7 years. She has worked with over 100 companies from Latin America, Europe, USA and Asia, advising them on corporate and family governance, corporate sustainability, ethics and institutionalization and standarization projects. 2021
Alberto Sanchez Palazuelos Director Independent Member He currently serves as Chairman of ASP y Asociados, S.C. Throughout his career, Mr. Sanchez is or has been Chairman at the Board of 13 companies, including financial groups, banks, insurance companies, Afores (Retirement Funds Administrators), investment funds, real estate companies, hotel companies, among others. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering. And an MBA from Purdue University 2015
Manuel F. Arce Rincon Director Independent Member He is currently engaged as Managing Partner of Grupo Consultor ACM, S.C. Throughout his career, Mr. Arce is or has been a Board Member of over 100 companies, both private and publicly traded. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) and an MBA from Columbia University 2009
Luis Zazueta Dominguez Director Independent Member Founding Partner and CEO of Zazueta Hermanos, S.C. Throughout his career, he has been a Board Member of several companies, including iron and steel companies, airports and insurance companies. He is a member of the Colegio de Contadores Publicos de Mexico (Mexican College of Public Accountants). Mr. Zazueta is Public Accountant from the Universidad Iberoamericana 2014
Jose Luis Romero Hicks Director Independent Member He has served as CEO of Banco de Comercio Exterior (National Exterior Commerce Bank, known as Bancomext for its Spanish acronym) and as Economic Counsellor at the Mexican Embassies in India and Japan. Mr. Romero has also performed as Member of the Board of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) and Managing Director of Housing Policy and Development at the Secretaria de Desarrollo Social (Ministry of Social Development, known as SEDESOL for its Spanish acronym). He is a lawyer graduated from Universidad de Guanajuato, holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from the Lawrence University, Wisconsin and a Master's degree in Economics from the Southern Oregon University 2016
Israel Godina Non-member secretary of the Board of Directors N/A N/A