Structure of the Workforce

For CADU it is very important to lead by example, promote fair competition and adhere to Company's values which include:

CADU seeks to protect all its associates, as they are one of the paramount pillars for the Company to achieve its objectives. To this end, CADU pursues, among other things, full compliance to human rights, avoiding any act of discrimination.

Workforce composition

At the end of 2020, CADU’s workforce was composed of 758 permanent associates (with permanent contracts) and 2,653 indirect associates (with fixed-term contracts). Although CADU does not have unionized personnel working in its administrative offices, on construction sites we negotiate with the union at the beginning of each project, meaning that all site personnel are unionized associates.


CADU's senior management believes that salaries should be fixed according to knowledge and experience, therefore it is imperative that salaries offered are fair and competitive in each of the markets it operates without favoring any particular gender.

Pursuant to the generation of wellness among each and everyone of its associates, CADU provides a number of higher benefits when compared to those required by law, as shown below:

Statutory benefits

  • Social Security.
  • Enrollment in the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers.
  • Christmas bonus corresponding to 15 days of Salary or Proportional.
  • Annual Vacations based on the Federal Labor Law (Security Department).

Benefits Greater to those Established by Law

  • Additional vacation period per Year: 6 days during Easter and 12 days in December.
  • 30-day Christmas bonus: for employees with one year or more at the Company.
  • Interest-free loans Policy: The Company seeks to support associates in facing difficult expenses that may arise, such as paying for their children's tuition, buying school equipment, car advance payments, etc.
  • Medical support for associates and their direct relatives: as sometimes medical social services are not sufficient or lack specialized care, the Company supports associates with private medical services. For example, it has supported cataracts surgery, treatment of degenerative cases or tumors, and medical expenses for fractures.
  • Funeral expenses: aware that an event such as a death of a relative represents an emotional drain and a strong economic expense, the Company supports its associates in coping with the expenses.
  • Maternity/Paternity: the procreation of family is not exclusive to our female staff; therefore our male staff is granted paid leave to assist and accompany their spouse in childbirth.

One of our core strengths, which also distinguishes us as an inclusive company, is the diversity of our workforce.

At CADU we value diversity, whether is related to gender, beliefs, or age, as we believe that respecting the differences among people is mandatory for being an innovative and competitive company. For this reason, we promote gender equality and implement actions aimed at reducing the male-female gap at all levels of the organization. Following this strategy, in 2020 we were able to achieve that 38% of our recently hired associates were women.

In 2020 we provided a variety of courses and trainings, since we value all of our associates and are aware that each of them has their own aspirations, objectives and goals.