In parallel with the affordable entry-level housing projects, and following current market opportunities, especially the increased availability of mortgage financing from financial institutions in Mexico, as of 2013 CADU resumed its business activities in the middle-income segment in most of its projects, pursuing the design, urbanization, construction, marketing and sale of prototypes of this category. In the same way, aiming to boost its profitability through the incorporation of prototypes of higher value in its sales mix, during 2018 CADU sold the first units of its luxury development "Allure" whose average sale prices are higher than MXN 15 million

CADU's market strategy for the middle-income, middle-income residential and residential segments pursues to enhance its product mix, reaching a 37.6% joint participation of these segments during 2023.

The implementation of costs and expense reduction strategies aimed at maximizing profitability has allowed CADU to expand its housing offering and achieve sustained double-digit growth rates in revenue and EBITDA even during crisis periods.

In order to meet its growth plan, CADU's strategy is based on these key elements: