Shareholder Structure

The capital stock of CADU is comprised of 339,316,859 common and nominative shares, without par value, corresponding to the fixed portion of the capital stock. All CADU's shares are registered in a single series at the Registro Nacional de Valores (National Securities Registry).

CADU's shares entitles their holders to the same patrimonial and voting rights.

Each share grants its holder full voting rights and, in particular, the right to cast a vote in any of the Company's General Shareholders' Meetings, whether Ordinary or Extraordinary.

Corpovael, S.A.B. de C.V. “CADU” Shareholder Structure
Shareholder Shares % Outstanding shares
Control Group 229,737,446 67.71%
Float 109,579,413 32.29%
Total 339,316,859 100.00%